November 28, 2015

Fall /Winter 2013-2014 hair color trends

Looking to change up your locks? Enough with sun & beach sand that mostly have dried your hair. It’s time to Fall relax.  The single most important thing to take into consideration before you dye your hair is what tones actually work with your natural color.

Find your color category, and hit the salon (or the drugstore aisle!) to start your fall hair makeover! Most important is to look natural. If you are young & experimenting with your hair, you may choose to add some blue pink or violet streaks.

F/W Bright Shades hair color 2013-2014

Platinum or butter color:
In fall hair color 2013-2014, the popularity of platinum color is gaining a swift momentum among young girls who are adopting this color with short asymmetrical hair style with long bangs or some length with wave too.  Platinum color can be of contrast shades, so the make-up should be bright enough and the use of red color lipstick and black eye lashes will suit a lot.

Golden blonde color
The bright golden color of wheat shade is very much in fashion. This shade gives warmth to the pale face and shimmers in the sun or light . Light sand and caramel shades are most popular.

Fall-2013-Beauty-honey blonde

Ashy Color
If you are a blonde by nature, the ashy color &its variant shades is the most  suitable for this season. for a younger look add some caramel, honey or gold streaks to your hair.

F/W Redheads hair color 2013-2014

Redheads have always attracted the most controversial association. To date, this shade of hair is incredibly popular because it looks bright and stylish. This fiery color is suitable for people with green or blue eyes.  It is definitely  the year of the redhead, and this classic color trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down!
Copper red hair color or cinnamon strands is a perfect choice if  you’re fair-skinned.


if you have a darker undertone, plum and violet will add spice to your hair.


F/W Dark Shades hair color 2013-2014
Dark shades bring hair back to life after a summer of sun and heat. it conveys a chic and classy look as dark hair is a noble shade.
 Neutral Brown color
Simple dark chocolate, chestnut and dark mahogany are the trendiest. No need to add any highlights for a sexier& sleeker look. This color is edgy  enough if you are desiring to go darker this fall.

Chocolate Caramel Color
Perfect for  naturally dark tone girls, chocolate brown paired with warm copper highlights through the mid shaft and ends is a gorgeous fall hair color. Consider doing a full head of micro-highlights or a well-blended ombre to achieve this delectable fall beauty.


Black color
Charcoal black and bluish black are trendy. Women adopting these shades never lose individuality, but you have to have the personality to pull up such a Gothic look.


F/W Gradient hair color 2013-2014
Brunettes or blondes, the gradient color in light shade color is a good choice.

Hair-Color-Fall-2013-2014-008 Fall-2013-Hair-Color-Trends
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